The success of your next Citrus campaign depends on good planning. Please take note of these important dates:

  • Friday June 14th 2019 – Registration: Optional but highly recommended!  Confirmation of your intention to participate allows us to better estimate and secure the quantities required. Our growers appreciate it and offer us better pricing which we extend to registered clients. Save by registering before June 14thContact Us anytime!
  • Friday September 20th 2019 – Pricing announcement: At the end of August, the growing season is well underway and the industry can establish crop forecasts for November. This is when ED-REC receives its prices. During the following week, we lock in a forward contract on US currency, finalize transport agreements and establish pricing for the geographic areas we service. By september 20th, prices are sent to all registered clients.
  • September 23rd – October 4th 2019 – Campaign Organisation:
    • Communications to parents (prepare campaign announcement, prepare campaign launch)
    • Organisation of groups, leaders, and volunteers where applicable.
    • ED-REC ships  order forms (On request b- provided free) used by students to collect orders.
    • ED-REC ships promotional posters (On request – provided free)
    • ED-REC will configure it’s GoCitrus cloud based software platform for those preferring to eliminate paper and streamline the order tallying and distribution process.
    • ED-REC will be available to help with any concerns or question you may have on running a successful citrus fundraiser.
  • October 7th 2019 – Official launch
  • October 7th – 27th 2019- Selling period: Make sure you are ready for the Thanksgiving weekend, a great opportunity to offer oranges and grapefruit to aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. Follow up regularly with your troops, motivate them to make sure your profit goal is achieved.
  • October 27th – 31st 2019 – Tallying of the orders: Collect order forms from the students, run after the late ones, then add up final quantities for each product
  • Thursday October 31st 2019 : Order deadline. This date is extremely important. We need to have all our orders on hand to begin the process of matching orders, establishing truck routes and schedules. All our orders are assembled in Florida and do not transit in local warehouses. All trucks need to leave fully loaded. Again, the logistics can be optimal only if all orders are received on time.
  • November 6th 2019 – ED-REC sends you Confirmation of your delivery date and time.
  • November 18th – December 4th 2019 – Delivery period: Orders are delivered mostly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

If this is your first citrus fundraiser, don’t worry! ED-REC has been doing this since 1982. We have seen just about every situation possible and will be glad to answer any questions and concerns. We most probably can suggest a solution to any obstacle you might foresee.